The technical service of Sanaco S.r.l. is available from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 18.00. If you need assistance after hours or on a public holiday, the callback service is available on request by calling the contact number.

Below are the contact details for service or intervention requests:

Mobile. (+39) 366 6540 933
Fax. 045 7157387

Installation, service and maintenance

Within its range of services, Sanaco S.r.l. is able to provide installation and maintenance of dedicated machinery: in the first case, the assistance concerns the initial commissioning of new equipment; in the second case, it includes both after-sales repairs and all those operations that are essential to maintain the functionality and efficiency of the equipment.

Specifically, the devices covered can be divided into two macro categories:

Life Science Line

  • Microbiological, chemical and recirculating fume hoods
  • CO₂ and O₂ incubators
  • Ovens and muffle furnaces
  • Thermal shakers
  • Centrifuges
  • Cryostats
  • Microtomes
  • Slide and block printers
  • Dyes
  • Inclusors
  • Autoclaves
  • Monitoring Systems

Biomedical Cold Line

  • Laboratory refrigerators
  • Laboratory freezers
  • Ultra-freezers
  • Climatic chambers
  • Lyophilisers


The process of installing a piece of equipment begins with checking the integrity and operability of the machine, with the possible fitting of power-related accessories and any electrical safety tests carried out using certified instrumentation.

The process ends with the completion and dispatch of the Activiry Report to the customer.

Service, maintenance and repair

Upon receipt of the service request from the customer, including machine type, specific data and problems to be addressed, the Sanaco technician will carry out an inspection to diagnose the class of fault.

If the part to be replaced is already in stock, the repair can be carried out immediately; otherwise, an estimate is made of what is needed so that the administration can draw up a specific or rough estimate. The spare parts required for the intervention are then ordered and carried out either by the technician on site or by the repair laboratory, thanks to the availability of a well-equipped workshop and spare parts warehouse.

As in the case of installations, the repair is completed by filling in and sending the Activity Report. In addition, in the case of maintenance, a contract of your choice is concluded in one of these three categories:

  • Contract A: includes one or two maintenance visits (other interventions and spare parts are considered extra to the contract);
  • Contract B: includes one or two maintenance visits and unlimited interventions (the inclusion of spare parts is considered extra to the contract);
  • FULL contract: includes one or two maintenance visits, unlimited interventions and spare parts.

The contract is drawn up in consultation with the customer and includes the number of maintenance visits, the frequency of the technician’s visits and an on-site inspection to assess the type and quantity of equipment present.

At each maintenance visit, the appropriate maintenance procedures are then compiled according to the equipment being serviced.

Planned technical support: Maintenance

Once the scheduled maintenance plan (PMP) has been contractually agreed, it is entered into the management system and, based on the agreed schedule, the technicians enter the visits into the Outlook agenda. Finally, the technical procedures described above are carried out.

On-call technical support: Repair

The on-call service is activated by the customer’s acceptance of the request and subsequent entry into the management system. The request is then forwarded to the Technical Manager who will schedule the support according to the skills required, the timeframe agreed and their own availability. To assist the technical assistance service, operating manuals and technical files for the machine must be made available to the technician. When the work is complete, the process ends with the update of the VIT and the delivery of the paper to the customer.

In the context of technical assistance, some services require specific actions, monitoring and controls, for which the following reports are prepared: Maintenance procedures; Measurement protocols.

Instruments subject to calibration are used to carry out checks, monitoring or measurements: A copy of the maintenance procedure or measurement protocol is given to the customer, together with a copy of the calibration certificates of the machines used.

The Service then provides the Activity Report to the administrator to register the activity in the management system. Finally, the invoice is issued in accordance with the commercial agreements with the customer.

Job Order Folder

For each activity carried out by Sanaco S.r.l., a Job Order Folder is sent to the customer, including:

  • Customer enquiry, order and contract;
  • Call opening;
  • Activity Report (Form 4.19), with the relevant checklist of operations carried out attached.

In particular, the Activity Report, produced in electronic format, is continuously updated in numbered sequence and delivered to the customer in paper form.


Each service intervention is assigned a number in the Activity Report so that all activities, from request to invoicing, are identifiable and traceable. All equipment involved is also classified with a serial number in the service management database.