Sanaco S.r.l. was established in October 1994 as a result of the experience and commitment of the founding partners. For over twenty-five years, Sanaco has been assisting leading companies in the hospital, industrial and private sectors in the technical support of classified environments, laboratory equipment and systems.

Sanaco S.r.l. has acquired a high level of expertise over the years and employs a highly qualified team to guarantee and meet the specific needs of customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, food, university, R&D and medical device sectors.

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Decontamination and Disinfection

Before choosing the service that best suits your needs, it may be useful to understand the difference between decontamination and disinfection: the former is capable of reducing the microbial load, halving it without completely eliminating the number of micro-organisms; the latter, on the other hand, aims to completely eliminate any load, removing any micro-organism in large quantities, with a completely negligible survival rate.

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Within its range of services, Sanaco S.r.l. is able to provide installation and maintenance of dedicated machinery. In the first case, the assistance concerns the initial commissioning of new equipment; in the second case, it includes both after-sales repairs and all those operations that are essential to maintain the functionality and efficiency of the equipment.

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Qualification and Validation Procedures

We can carry out three different types of qualification protocols: the Qualified Installation Procedure, the Initial Operational Qualification Procedure and finally the Periodic Qualification Protocol.