Decontamination and Disinfection

Before choosing the service that best suits your needs, it may be useful to understand the difference between decontamination and disinfection: the former is capable of reducing the microbial load, halving it without completely eliminating the number of micro-organisms; the latter, on the other hand, aims to completely eliminate any load, removing any micro-organism in large quantities, with a completely negligible survival rate.

Disinfection of Environments

Sanaco S.r.l. provides the disinfection service with Halamid: a special and effective instrument designed and manufactured in Italy and certified by the Ministry of Health.

The device is a broad-spectrum disinfectant atomiser (DA 600 and DA 900 systems) which, thanks to its fan, is able to deliver the particles of biocidal chlorine, an active ingredient highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, to even the most remote areas of the environment.

At the end of the Halamid disinfection process, Form 419M is duly completed and issued to the customer to certify the work carried out.


The use of hydrogen peroxide in two phases, the evaporation phase and the aeration phase, allows the decontamination of both equipment and rooms.

Specifically, this procedure is applied to work areas and HEPA filters, which are disposed of in accordance with the environmental operator’s guidelines, CO2 and O2 hoods and incubators.

The process ends with the completion and submission of form 419E30, while for equipment, form 419L is prepared to indicate the conformity of the work carried out.